Do you like books? News flash: most people my age probably don’t. I’m talking about the generation of people who are currently in their teen years. My generation of people. Why do you think they don’t share the idea of enjoying books? Let’s not trap ourselves in our own bubbles and just face the facts: my generation […]

How are flaws presented in Othello and a variety of other poems that you have studied. In this essay, I will be studying and analysing how flaws are portrayed in Othello and a variety of Robert Browning’s poems. I believe that flaws are presented in Othello and the Browning poems through the actions of the characters. […]

Note: Bold are the things I will probably need to change when re-editing Do you like books? News flash. Most of the newer generation probably have a different opinion. I’m not talking about babies or five year old’s. I’m talking about the generation of people who are currently in their teen years, my generation of […]

Bored. The teacher’s voice drones on as I stare out of the window, captured in a mesmerising daydream on whether simultaneous events really do occur simultaneously, accounting for light’s speed. Which is something I would say if it was a normal school day. It’s funny how fast things change. It used to be intelligence and determination […]

How has Pride been shown in MLD and one other poem you have studied? Pride is shown in ‘My last Duchess’ by the Duke. I believe that pride is more clearly portrayed in line 9 and line 10 when he says “(since none puts by The curtain I have drawn for you, but I)” from […]

Summary of chapter 6: Chapter 6 is set towards the end of summer, this is the time when Dill has to go back home. This event triggers an idea conjured up by Dill to visit Boo Radley’s house before Dill’s departure. Scout protests, but her attempts are futile and she decides to join them when […]

The chapter starts with Scout being excluded from the activities of Dill and Jem. Miss Maudie disregards rumours on Boo Radley and tells Scout her views on Boo and the people of Maycomb. Scout then finds Dill and Jem, planning to contact Boo Radley. After a fail attempt, Atticus catches them and lectures them.

The exchange of Slang does not impede the clarity of communication, nor is it an accurate identifier of one’s intelligence. I disagree strongly with Isabelle Kerr’s article “Twerking, selfie and unlike? Young people don’t speak like that – I should know” This article rants about how great the old English language was and how more […]

SUMMARY (first chapter) At the beginning of the first chapter of To kill a Mockingbird,  two characters are introduced, the protagonist called Scout and her brother Jem. Scout and Jem are out of school due to the time being set in the summer holidays, this is when they meet another character, Dill. Jem, Scout and […]